The Trail Wolf

I became aware of something lying next to me. Its slow, rhythmic breathing gently rocked me, and its heat had been keeping me warm. I could feel it was something very large. I began the slow and deliberate rise to full consciousness, and when I was able to open my eyes, I realized I had fallen asleep on a forest trail. My arm was draped over a dark gray, furry beast that had curled against me. My heart immediately flipped over in my chest as a I started at the sight of an enormous wolf lying next to me! I was unable to move; however. It was as if I had been filled with lead and weighed as much as a marble statue. The wolf awoke with all the calm and patience of, well, I don’t know what! It took in the full sight of my face, clearly aware of my fright, and gently began to lick my cheeks. I still could not move, but I began to understand I had nothing to fear. He wasn’t tasting me; he was attempting to calm me. He continued to lick my face, and as he did so, his body began to make the most startling transformation. His wolf limbs and body metamorphosed into a grown man’s body. I became afraid again. I recalled myths of Zeus and how that ancient Greek god would transform himself into animals to sneak past his goddess wife, Hera. He wanted to be able to make love to mortal women undiscovered. This newly transformed being took the form of no ordinary man, but a powerful, beautifully formed and muscled adult man. He had the most gorgeous face with eyes that glowed hotly, as if a fire roared within him. I still could not move, my arms and legs were as sea anchors, keeping me pinned to the ground. Was this Zeus? For this creature was as great and beautiful as a god. Was I about to be raped? As soon as these questions came to my mind, the being transformed back into a wolf in an instant, as quick as a thought. He stood and took a few steps on the trail, then turned to look over its shoulder at me. He had a beckoning in his eyes. I tried to move once more and found I was free. I stood and joined him on the path and followed him along the trail into the woods. I followed him until I woke up in the blankets and pillows of my bed.


This dream took place later in 2006. I had decided to start dating again. At the time I dreamed of the Trail Wolf, I had been talking to a man who one of my friends set me up with- he was never married, had no children, lived alone… these were all pluses for me; I’ve not had easy or nice experiences with exes and kids. I could already tell through our phone conversations that we wouldn’t mesh well, but I decided to go ahead and meet him and spend some time in his “energy,” to see how that felt. It took all of an instant for me to know he wasn’t strong enough for me. I’m not arrogant or conceited, but I am fiercely independent and know what I want, or at least, what I don’t want. This man was like watered-down milk. I’m like tequila. I need a man strong enough to know me and love me, even if I’m hard to know and love sometimes. I would have walked all over that man without even having the intention of doing so. It would just happen. But before I came to that realization, before I could articulate it, I had the Trail Wolf dream. I knew I needed a man like the Trail Wolf showed me. I needed a strong, powerful, creative, blood hot with magic and mystery, able to be whatever I need him to be at the moment kind of man. Once I dreamed the Trail Wolf, I knew I would never settle for “watered-down milk.”

I met him, my Trail Wolf Man, four years later. We’re eleven years into it now and he has exceeded all my imaginings.

Your dreams show you what needs a closer look in your life at the moment. They are so specific to YOU, their symbology, their messages, their entire reason for being are only for YOU to understand. Only YOU will know what they mean to you. I never liked the dream symbol books. I had one, an enormous one with over 1000 dream symbols that were called “universal.” Sure, there are archetypes, symbols that can be understood the same way the world over, but I think looking them up in these books to decipher your dreams is a superficial, shallow way to understand the meaning your dream is trying to convey. You may not look further than the book’s definition, which is so generic…you’ll miss going deeper and understanding the true meaning of your dream which could unlock a profound and life changing realization for you. Recording your dreams is of utmost importance and I can’t stress that enough. You’ll find as you begin to write down your dream, its fading fuzziness will clear and come into focus and you’ll remember details you thought were lost upon awaking. If it’s a challenging dream, you’ll be able to come back to it again and again until, finally, its meaning reveals itself to you.

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