Show Wolves

I had pulled my ancient Chevrolet pick-up truck into the arena and parked it, preparing to load it with my cages. I had just shown my wolves at a fair, and they waited in their cages for me to collect them and take them home. I could not lift them in their cages. They were too heavy, and I was growing tired and frustrated. I struggled a long time trying to figure a way to get the wolves and cages into the bed of my truck. I decided to tie the wolves up in the bed so they wouldn’t be able to jump out. As I reached out for them to tie the rope around their necks, they yipped and leapt away from me. They started running around in circles so I wouldn’t catch them. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to take my wolves home, that I would have to leave them, or they would run away and escape. All I wanted was to secure them safely and take them home. I stopped struggling for a moment and leaned against the tailgate, about to cry. The wolves also stopped, watching me. One stepped closer and said, “You can’t contain Love. It won’t be caged or tied. And you can’t force Love to be with you. Have faith. Let go of your fears and insecurities and you will find Love will remain with you wherever you go.” I finally understood and decided to trust my wolves to come home with me. I walked over to the driver’s side door and opened it. The sound of its creaking hinges reverberated around the empty arena. The wolves all jumped into the bed of the truck on their own accord and settled in for the long ride home. I knew I no longer needed to worry about them jumping out or running away. They loved me and wanted to be with me. They would remain. It all worked out so much easier and felt so much better once I decided to release my fear of loss and loneliness and allow Love to be free.


I think this one is quite self-explanatory, yes? I had been feeling so lonely and dating had not been going well. I imagined myself dying alone in my house, an old spinster. My dead body would finally be found because someone would complain about the foul stench coming from my house. They would find me in my housedress, sprawled out face down on my kitchen rug with a wooden spoon in my hand and the dinner I had been cooking rotting in its pan, mice running around all over it. I didn’t want to live alone my whole life, even though I LOVE living alone. I had been desperately wanting someone to love. The longing for an attraction, a bond, for someone to notice me, was so strong it fueled all my thoughts. I would cry in the shower. I’m starting to cry now remembering how miserable I was then. Then the Show Wolves appeared and taught me an important lesson of love. I paid attention, I listened to them and followed their guidance. Once I released myself from worrying over a life of loveless loneliness, I felt content, at peace. I had peace in my heart. I will still probably die alone in my kitchen, half-eaten by my dogs before someone finds me, but I’m okay with that now. I have peace in my heart.

Published by dreamreader911

I am a Writer, a Healer, and a Dreamer.

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