St. Teresa’s Osuna

My dad and I were in a library. He led me to a quiet, dark corner where he showed me a bookshelf that had broken, and the books were just scattered and laying in piles. He pointed to a green book with the word, “Osuna,” in gold letters on the spine. And then I heard that name repeated in my head several times, “Osuna…Osuna…Osuna.” I was also made aware of the Dhammapada lying on the pile. I didn’t know what “Osuna” was.

When I woke, I immediately looked it up. Just a name. When I added Dhammapada to the search, Francisco De Osuna came up. He was a 16th century Spanish friar and Christian mystic who wrote a series of books encouraging believers to foster a simple, Christ-centered, inner spirituality. His third book, The Third Spiritual Alphabet, is the most famous, and was a favorite of St. Teresa of Avila, my self-appointed patron saint. She was a mystic and writer and has appeared in three dreams of mine in the past to show me to believe in my writing and not be afraid to use the gifts God has given me. She mentions Osuna’s book and refers to it several times in her autobiography. She used it as a guide, and her copy is still at the Carmelite convent where she lived and died.

This dream came to me in the first few days of March 2014, while I was in bed recovering from hip surgery. I was amazed and inspired by it. It cannot have been anything other than St. Teresa using my dad as a guide to lead me back to where I should be, and showing me Osuna’s book to use as my guide to help me along the way. Just as she had done. I ordered it, and when it arrived, I was surprised at its heft, it’s over 600 pages! St. Teresa knew I would have the time to read it and refocus.

Remember your dreams. You receive messages, clues to guide you. If you remember them when you wake, there is a message for you. Who knows what will come of this for me. Probably nothing spectacular, but this was a message loud and clear, leading me to a calm, serene spirit as I draw closer to the Beloved.

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I am a Writer, a Healer, and a Dreamer.

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