Calling My Wolves

I found myself in the back of a wagon, jostling and rattling about roughly as it sped along the dirt road. As I awoke, I began to feel the pain in my body from the beating I took when I was captured. I winced in pain as I looked around me. There were two men on a seat at the front of the wagon, one held the reins of two enormous horses and drove them very hard. The other man held a club on his lap, ready to strike when needed. It was a heavy-looking ugly thing, an easy skull crushing weapon. There were other soldiers on horseback flanking the wagon. They were as mighty as their horses, dressed in armor and fur. They carried their longswords slung over their backs. I had been lying on the floor of the wagon on a bear fur with no other blankets to protect me from the snow and wind. But I felt warmth pressed against me. I reached for it and found my white wolf lying next to me. She was frighteningly still, though, and her beautiful snow-white fur was stained red with her blood. She managed a whimper as my hand came down to feel her throat. I leaned over and embraced her. I knew she fought with all her might in protecting me, trying to prevent me from being kidnapped. They beat her nearly to death. I couldn’t bear seeing her that way and knew they would finish her when we reached the Black Castle. I saw it looming on the mountainside ahead, it’s spindly towers piercing the storm-laden clouds above it. I had to get my wolf to safety, somehow. She was prepared to give her life for mine, I must protect hers now. I stood and wrapped my long white gown around me, I covered my head with my white shawl. These were not warm enough. I shivered and tightened my arms about me. There was a dark green forest  bordering the road. I looked into it and listened. I knew what I had to do. I called to my wolves, my guardians, my family. I called to them with the powerful voice of my heart and knew they would hear me and come. In moments, my wolves began to dart forth from the trees. The soldiers were startled at the sight, their horses reared and cried out in fear, but the wolves had one mission in mind, and it wasn’t to save me or do any harm to them. Their direction from me was to take my white wolf and save her. I would go and manage what awaited me in the Black Castle myself. I knew I would be safe, that I would be able to free myself with my magic, but my white wolf would not fare as well. I looked down on her battered body. Her blood-stained fur ruffled and parted in the wind. I sent a message to her, too, with the voice of my heart. I felt her, I felt her pain and I felt she would not be parted from me. I already felt her resisting me as she began to understand what I wanted to do. I gave her my love and all the strength I could summon. I then prodded her and she leapt to her feet, she leapt up and I helped push her out of the wagon. The other wolves were right there, running alongside, waiting to receive her. She landed amongst them and I watched as they disappeared into the forest, my beautiful white wolf with them, glowing like a ghost as she wove through the trees. I watched until I couldn’t see her anymore. She would be safe. Her safety and survival meant all to me. My wolf family will heal her wounds. And I will be with them again, soon. I turned and faced forward, then, my eyes on the Black Castle. I watched as I got closer, my eyes set upon its darkness with quiet stillness and no fear.

Then I woke up.


This dream showed me, in the most beautiful way, to trust myself, to believe in my own inner voice, my own magic, and in the interconnectedness we all share with Nature, with the wild things of the forests, air, and seas. Once aware of one’s self and own divine nature, everything will work together harmoniously, everything becomes possible.

Published by dreamreader911

I am a Writer, a Healer, and a Dreamer.

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