Ghost in the Kitchen

I was in my kitchen getting a spoon out of a drawer. I closed it, turned to walk away then heard the drawer open again behind me. I turned around and rubbed my eyes, making sure I was actually seeing what I saw. I closed the drawer and as I started to walk away, I heard it open again. I rushed back and slammed it shut. It opened by itself. I looked into it and took it out and peeked around inside the cabinet, I checked the little rails the drawer rolled on, but couldn’t figure out why it kept opening. I stood there, confused. Then, behind me, a cabinet door opened by itself. Then other drawers and cabinet doors started to open and close by themselves. I wasn’t afraid, but was becoming vastly irritated. I knew now a ghost was in my house messing with me. The drawers and cabinet doors kept opening and slamming shut all around my kitchen and there was nothing I could do about it. Exasperated, I threw up my hands and stormed out, wanting to get away from all the racket. I walked down my hallway toward my bedroom but started to get pulled back toward the kitchen in a weird pulling, twisting sort of way, fighting a force I couldn’t see, being dragged along the wall. I started to yell, “You don’t belong here! Get the FUCK out of my house!” And I said that last part out loud. It woke me up!

Interpretation/Analysis I don’t often have dreams featuring monsters or ghosts or being murdered…I don’t have nightmares. I mean, this dream could be construed as “scary,” but to me, it wasn’t. I wasn’t afraid in my dream, I was at first startled, then angry when I realized an unseen mischievous force was harassing me. I fought back. I always felt I had the upper hand in that dream, even though at first it didn’t seem so. The dream showed me I am strong enough to face the “scary” unseen things, that I would not be afraid, that I didn’t need to be afraid. This is the power you can have when you understand your dreams, when you are dreaming lucidly, able to manipulate the direction of the dream by your active participation. You don’t have to be helpless and just “take” whatever comes in the dream. If you are being chased and you are running for your life, it usually means something in your waking life is overwhelming you and you are not feeling strong enough to face it. In such a dream, make yourself “awaken,” do you understand me? Make yourself aware that you are dreaming, then stop running, turn around and confront the thing that is chasing you. Face your fears, talk to them, interact with them. This will empower you to do the same in your waking life. By doing so, you will find the solutions to the issues confronting you in the physical world.

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2 thoughts on “Ghost in the Kitchen

  1. The ending of this dream made me chuckle. How many times in our lives do we need to tell people or things in our lives to GTFO?!!
    You gave sound advice to stop, turn around and face your fears. I’m not sure how to do that while dreaming, but we all can apply it to our everyday lives.

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    1. It’s fun to see how the messages in these dreams can be universally applied. I believe that’s why I’m having them, to share with others hoping someone will understand something from them that will help improve some aspect of their lives.


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