The White Calf

I was at my mom’s house and from her big livingroom window, I kept seeing great owls fly down and land. Their wings were spread, and their feathers were all shades of brown, gold, black, white and yellow…the colors were strikingly beautiful. I noticed another one fly down and wondered how many might be there when an ENORMOUS bald eagle swooped down and landed amongst the owls.  When that happened, I ran outside to see what was going on. They were all on top of a huge animal. I couldn’t tell what it was- a cow, or a buffalo, maybe…it was dead, and it was dark in color. Its back was to me as I approached it. The owls and eagle were on top of it, covering it with their bodies, their wings slightly spread as if throwing a veil over my eyes. They had opened a hole in its side below its ribcage and were feeding on it. I saw bits of raw, red flesh, but nothing bloody or messy. There was no smell. The beast’s fur around its shoulders and neck rustled in the wind. I stood still, in silence, watching, wondering what, if anything, I should do. And then I heard a high-pitched cry coming from the other side of the animal. I leapt forward toward the beast’s body and startled the owls and eagle. They stopped what they were doing and looked at me with their fierce yellow eyes. I was not afraid. I cried out and saw a small white head pop up from under the beast’s body. It was a calf! As I ran around to reach the calf, the owls and eagle all opened their wings and took off. They made a great wind and whooshing as they flew away. Their flight was quite a majestic scene. I turned my attention to the calf again. It pulled itself from under its mother’s heavy body. I could hear its new hooves clicking and scratching the pavement as it struggled to gain its feet. It finally freed itself and stood on its long, knobby legs. He wobbled over to me and shyly lowered his head to me. I stretched my hands out toward him and smiled, allowing my energy to open and tell him he is safe with me. He accepted me and became happier. He followed me back to my mom’s house and I began to wonder what I was going to feed him. I continued to pet and play with him. He laid and curled at my feet like a dog and looked at me with love in his eyes. I felt so sad for the little orphan, how heartbroken and frightened he must have been! I felt he would never leave me now, like I was now his mother. His fur was thick and curly white, and his mouth was a bit pink as he looked up at me, sniffing me. My mom said something I can’t quite remember now, but it was like I always know when something needs love. My brother, Matt, was laying on the couch playing my dad’s Native American Indian flute. He played so beautifully, like he’d been playing it all his life. My mom sat next to him in a chair. Tears filled her eyes, and her smile was happy and filled with pride listening to him and watching me coddle and coo the white calf.


I felt this was a very important dream and was a bit overcome by it. I have beautifully vivid, meaningful dreams on the reg, but this one struck a chord in me I’ve never heard before. I know the Lakota and many other tribes have a deep spiritual connection to the White Buffalo and White Buffalo Calf Woman, and white animals have great spiritual significance all over the world. Indigenous American people have appeared in my dreams since I began having them, and they are the same few people. I know them now as my Spirit Helpers; perhaps they are ancestors from hundreds or thousands of years back.

I mean no disrespect to anyone, and I hope no one is offended by the Indigenous American references I make in my writings. They come in my dreams and I do not embellish anything, I write the dream as it occurred. Dreams are sacred to me. Everything and every being that appears in my dreams are sacred to me. I do not claim to be of any tribe or any affiliation, nor would I ever presume such. But I do know, through my own family oral history, genealogy, and DNA that I am descended from the Purépecha, Aztec and Mayan peoples. I also recently discovered, through DNA comparisons from My True Ancestry, that some of my DNA comes from the indigenous peoples of Southeast Canada/Northeastern US: Iroquois, Algonquin, Mi kmaq, and Alaskan Athabaskans. My DNA is made up of a higher percentage of Indigenous Peoples of North America, and then Roman Hispana. This is why I believe the people, the Spirit Helpers, who appear in my dreams again and again are related to me, I believe they are my ancestors. Could this dream of a white buffalo calf be a collective memory stored in my DNA passed on in my blood and bone? I really, really like that idea. It is true, this: We are the result of the love of thousands. And they remain with us, forever guiding us in our dreams, guiding us along the Right Path, the Path of Stars, that will finally reunite us with them and our Creator.

Let us remember from whence we came. Let us remember and honor those who made our blood and bones over all these thousands of years for they remain with us in this world and the next at the same time. This is a powerful bond. Honor them, your ancestors. Honor their work and sacrifices, their love, their pain, their happiness, their regrets, their dreams, their lives. It is because they lived that YOU live.

Is there someone in your life that’s been fighting a spiritual battle or a battle with something powerful? In interpreting this dream, I feel the “old” person, as represented by the cow, is now dead and has been reborn as the calf. White signifies purity, like someone has fought their demons and has been reborn and that I assisted this person when they were in a dark place through my attention and care. Owls and Eagles are strong powerful beings, and they were feasting on this adult animal (almost eating it alive). The calf was fighting to live, and this calf is an extension of the adult animal (a newly born version of the former being). With my help (scaring away the birds and listening to the calf’s cries) the calf survived the ordeal. I continued to support and care for this calf by wondering what to feed it (nourishing its soul and wanting to help it sustain this new life). I think my Aunt Anita helped me interpret this dream. I posted it on Facebook the morning I had it, and I think the above is her response to that dream. She’s quite a Healer and Fierce Warrior Woman in her own right. I come from a long line of strong, proud, noble women.

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