Melissa Lopez

Writer, Healer, Dreamer

I have the most wonderful dreams. Dreams deeply steeped in meaning- with images and messages I clearly understand; powerful and profound dreams that have changed me. They build upon each other, one after the other, developing my spirituality, helping me to know that the “unseen” is as real and important as that which is “seen.” Sometimes great blocks of time go by where my dreams are empty, just ordinary jumbled, senseless, or silly brain processing, and I miss the beautiful and vivid “movies” my spirit can show me while I am the most open to seeing them. Over the years, I have noticed they come when I am struggling with inner pain and confusion and I have learned their messages have indeed led me out of inner darkness to peace and deeper wisdom. I have learned to trust their messages and believe I am being guided and taught by Higher Beings who have taken it upon themselves to share their wisdom with me. I am humbled and honored, and surprised that I would be able to communicate with these Beings in this way. I feel unworthy of such attention, but I always strive to be worthy. I want to share with you what I have learned in these dreams, hoping you will feel what I have felt and see what I have seen and understand the messages in a way that moves you. I hope you will find the wisdom in these dreams as I have. I have spent quite a bit of time with therapists, but nothing has healed and quieted my spirit more than the messages in my dreams have. I want to show you how you, too, can recognize your dream messages and apply them to your waking life. So take a deep, long breath and as you exhale, let your mind open. Be ready to learn. Take another deep, long breath and draw it deep into your belly. Feel your chest expand. As you exhale, allow your heart to open wide. Be ready to receive.

Come with me now, we shall embark upon a mystical, beautiful journey into the Dreamworld.

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