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Lover’s Parting

He had been holding his woman in his arms, cradling her on his lap, twirling her hair through his fingers and breathing in the fragrance of her, of wild lavender and sea mist, while he nuzzled the soft, warm skin behind her ear. He pulled a tiny package from his pouch and held it beforeContinue reading “Lover’s Parting”


I brought a girlfriend to my family house. It was a house where we had always gathered for family get-togethers. It’s not a real house, but a house I created in my dreams. But the friend is a real friend, I just can’t remember now who it was, I think it was Alice. She keptContinue reading “Grandpas”

The White Calf

I was at my mom’s house and from her big livingroom window, I kept seeing great owls fly down and land. Their wings were spread, and their feathers were all shades of brown, gold, black, white and yellow…the colors were strikingly beautiful. I noticed another one fly down and wondered how many might be thereContinue reading “The White Calf”

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